2016 commercial water restrictions explained

. 1st November 2016


Level 3 water restrictions

information copied from www.capetown.gov.za

The City of Cape Town is committed to providing all residents with access to water for personal and commercial purposes, and we have implemented water restrictions to ensure that we have sufficient water reserves to meet Cape Town’s needs.

Cape Town is on level 3 (30% savings) water restrictions from 1 November 2016 until further notice. Level 3 (30% savings) tariffs will be applicable from 1 December 2016 until further notice.

Why do we have water restrictions?

Water-use restrictions and the accompanying higher tariffs are meant to encourage you to be more careful about how you use water.

As we are situated in a water-scarce region, the City imposes water restrictions on a permanent basis. The level of water restrictions imposed depends on dam storage levels. Cape Town has three levels of water restrictions:

  • Level 1 (10% water savings): Normally in place
  • Level 2 (20% water savings): Applicable when dam levels are lower than the norm
  • Level 3 (30% water savings): Applicable when dam levels are critically low

Every action your business or organisation takes to conserve water will make a difference.

What happens during water restrictions?

When level 2 or level 3 restrictions are imposed, water use regulations become stricter and we charge households and businesses more for water usage.

Find a helpful summary of the updated regulations in the poster below – this includes rules around watering gardens or fields, cleaning of paving and washing cars.

DOWNLOAD: Level 3 Water Restrictions Poster



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