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. 6th July 2017


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(1) Could you reassure us regarding animal testing?
There’s a lot of misinformation out there. It can be difficult to sort out what’s true, so we’re glad you asked. We can assure you that Hill’s absolutely does not perform or collaborate on any dog or cat study that requires pain, vivisections, euthanasia or invasive test methods.

Just as it is for you, the humane treatment of animals is of paramount importance to us. We can assure you – absolutely and unequivocally – that Hill’s does not tolerate any mistreatment of animals. Our overriding goal is to develop products that maintain the health of dogs and cats so they can live longer and happier lives. This is also reflected in our mission statement which clearly states that the whole of the Hill’s team is dedicated to help enrich and lengthen the special relationships between people and their pets.

(2) I have a little Yorkie, sorry I know he isn’t in the right age group as he is only 2 years, however he has a problem with his skin it seems as he is always scratching and it definitely isn’t from fleas. Is there anything in your food range you can recommend which will improve his dry skin?

We would strongly advise that this Yorkie owner visit the vet. We have food suitable to help manage both food and environmental allergies, but a vet is of course best equipped to make that diagnosis. We’d be happy to recommend a suitable product from there onwards.

(3) My Labrador / Corgie has been diagnosed with arthritis of her hips. How would diet assist her? 

Many large breed dogs suffer from arthritis. This can also become worse in the colder months. We have a fabulous product, Prescription Diet j/d, is clinically proven to improve a dog’s mobility in as little as 21 days. It is rich in EPA (a type of omega-3) to maintain healthy cartilage as well as glucosomine & chondroitin. j/d is available from vets countrywide so we’d suggest asking yours for more info.

(4) I know Hill’s is more expensive than ‘supermarket’ dog food, but I was told the quantity I would have to feed my boy is less if he were on a Hill’s diet. He weighs 30 kg and is 9 years old. How much would he eat a day and would it be once or twice a day. 

This answer depends a lot on the dog and product fed. But if they fed a normal Science Plan Advanced Fitness Adult Medium 12kg bag to this dog, they would need to feed between 325g and 445g per day. It is up to the owner how many times to feed, so they could halve this amount to feed in the morning as well as the evening. 


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