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Awesome News 12 April 2017

jurieJurie Botha, (Cape Town resident) is an endurance athlete and adventurer. With his next expedition, Cycling South Against Rape, he will attempt to become the first South African to cycle the length of the equator(40,030km), solo and unsupported, within 20 months. This ultra-endurance expedition will start in May 2017 when he departs from Lima, Peru on his way to Cape Town, South Africa. He will aim to raise R250,000 for the Jes Foord Foundation.
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Braam Malherbe and Wayne Robertson, our two Cape Town adventures who are rowing to Rio from Cape Town are on their last stretch. With just over 1000 km to go, both are in good spirits. Extreme mental fatigue has however kicked in and more electronic failures have hampered their expedition, but we are hoping to report in the next 2 weeks that they have arrived safely in Rio completing the physical element of the #DOTChallenge. They are rowing under the banner of DOT: Do One Thing where they are challenging us to each to do one thing to save our environment.
Taiwan has become the first country in Asia to pass legislation banning the consumption of cats and dogs.The ban was included as an amendment to animal protection laws and also covers the selling, purchase and possession or dog or cat carcasses. Under the new legislation, anyone found guilty of eating cat or dog meat can be subject to a fine of between NT$50,000 (£1,300) and NT$250,000 (£6,500), according to the China Post newspaper.

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