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. 29th November 2017

#TonysColumn: 22 November 2017

TonysColumnIn my last column I promised to write about how one gets into broadcasting i.e. TV and Radio.

The honest truth is there is no fixed version or rules you have to follow. In my case it was a complete accident. I was in university in London UK and I used to go to lunch time disco dancing at the Lyceum Ballroom to meet up girls with my friends. One wintery day I was at the front of the line waiting to pay to go in when the manager came out, looked at me and said “You come here regularly. Our DJ has a burst appendix I need you to play the records” I laughed and said “no ways”. My friends said go for it think of the girls. That was a no brainer since in those days the hormones were raging and the money was appealing I accepted and that folks is how I fell into showbiz.

So if you want to get into this marvelous ride of life with more ups and downs than you could ever imagine then go for it, however all I can do is give you some pointers that could enhance your chances with a few do’s and don’ts.

  • Do not waste your time sending in what used to be called demo tapes. I have yet to employ anybody this way and indeed have honestly rarely heard of anybody at another radio or TV station doing so. If you think about it there is usually somebody already employed there and you are trying to get their job thus your effort must be a lot better, this is nigh on impossible without practice.
  • Do not think just because you can speak nicely that will open the studio door. You must remember if a presenter talks too much on TV or Radio that just irritates the viewer/listener you have to be interesting and original.
  • A must do is to fully know your music of all genres or the genre of the station you want to broadcast on. In the case of TV it is essential that you fully research the subject and look as good as is possible. If you want to be a newsreader then you must be fully researched on current affairs, sport and finances.
  • Offer your services as an intern working for free, an astute CEO or station manager will soon recognise your personality and pay you a small income as they teach you, my radio station does that and believe you me I have some budding stars with more to come both male and female.

Finally our industry is not a play play profession. You must be:

  • Disciplined, not lazy
  • Able to keep strict time
  • Take direction
  • Really have a desire to do the job and not think big money immediately
    (You will fail)

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