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. 10th November 2017

Meet Jessica – she is one the special ladies in my life and here is what she looked like a few years ago.


Yes she is special – some say she looks funny – it is not her fault her father was a Labrador and her mother a Corgi, but she is golden girl – one in a million.

We live on a farm and she has plenty of space to run around. One of the aspects on living on a farm is that our home is a restored homestead with very thick walls, thus all windows have very deep sills – almost like bay windows and up until a few months ago, Jessica would jump up on the sill and wait at the window for my wife to come home.

We could actually set our watches to Jessica’s action – how did she know it was 17:15 and must jump to wait and greet.


Unfortunately, as of the last 6 months, she is no longer able to jump up. Her arthritis in her hip has restricted her mobility. It is especially worse in the evenings and cold weather.
Jessica is 8 years old and we will do anything to improve her situation.

17 August 2017: We started Jessica on the Hills Mobility Prescription Diet

For the last week, we followed the instructions of transitioning her from her old food to the Hill’s Diet.

Interesting note: On day 1, when I served her 75% old food and 25% Hill’s, she ate the Hill’s first, so I knew this new diet would not be a problem for her.



23 August 2017:
Jessica has now been on the Hill’s Diet (100%) for two days and she is happy with her transition. We have stopped the other supplement we were giving for her arthritis to give this 6 month trial the full worth.

I guess our benchmark would be if Jessica will be able to jump back up on the window sill to greet Liezl home. Should that day arrive, we will owe Hill’s all our gratitude for giving Jessica her bounce back.

31 August 2017:
Jessica has now been on her new diet for a full week and the first major observation is that in the past we fed her main meal in the morning with a very small serving in the evening (as a snack – we all want a snack in the eve J )

Now on the Hills diet, her daily allowance is 2 measured scoops and she was not finishing this in the morning, so we have adjusted her regime to one cup in the morning and one in the eve which seems to suit her better.

Another observation is that the amount of water she drinks has vastly increased – almost double the amount she would normally drink – which can’t be a bad thing – everybody does say 2 litres of water per day J

With regards to her limp, it is way too soon to notice any difference.

18 September 2017:
2 observations – which are actually contrary to each other. Jessica is putting on more weight but also eating less. She doesn’t seem to have same ‘gusto’ for her food and eats a few bites and leaves it alone.

We have always fed her wet food and now for the first time she is on dry food only.

So I reduced the amount of food I gave her and supplemented with a little bit of wet food. Not entirely sure if this was the cause, but her limp came back within a week – and quite badly.

I have now reduced her dry food quantity to 70% of recommended (she is putting on so much weight) and adding a table spoon of wet food to entice her to eat.
Let’s see how she responds to this?

In a few week’s time, she is going to be shaved and her winter coat removed – we will then start the weighing process weekly and take more pics as her weight loss will be more visible.
Thank again Hills, this is an incredible journey – even though Jessica does not always agree 🙂

13 October 2017:
🙂 Noticed that we may have to shave her earlier. There seems to be strange reaction to the Hills Diet.

(only joking, but I had to put to this picture in her blog.
PS: she was not impressed with us laughing at / with her.)


10 November 2017

Jessica has now been on the Hills K&D Mobility Diet for 3 months and we can now confidently say, there has been a remarkable improvement.

Three months ago, she was limping so badly from arthritis of the hip – now watch this video


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