Magic Back To School Drive

. 13th January 2019

Invest In Tomorrow with the Children of Today

African Equity Empowerment Investments has inspired Magic Music Radio to build a brighter future for our school children. Last week, AEEI recently provided over 650 underprivileged kids in the Vrygrond area with their back to school stationery needs.

However, there’s more to be done and Magic invites you to jump on-board, and make a significant difference today and change someone else’s tomorrow.

Become involved! Magic is calling on all our listeners to donate any & all stationery and school supplies from now until February 1st. Pens, pencils, work books, and glue sticks- you name it, they need it.

If you have any donations you can deliver them to Magic Music Radio, 3rd floor of DBM Gardens, Golf Park, Mowbray.

Here is a list of the most needed items.

Pritt Sharpener with holder
Blunt nose scissors Eraser
Roll-ups (12 in a box) Plastic sleeves (singles)
HB Pencils Sellotape
A4 Flip file – 50 page Ring Binder file
A4 flip file – 20 page Plastic book covers
Colouring pencils (12 in a box) Prestik
30cm ruler Whiteboard markers


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