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Magic Music Auction with Robin Mills


5 Days: Monday the 20th November until Friday the 24th – 14:30 with Brian Oxley
Each day, you stand a chance to win a R1000 voucher from the Robin Mills Salvage & Auction Centre.

At 2.30 pm every day, a song will be “auctioned” on Brian Oxley’s show. You will need to listen clearly as key information will be revealed – but we wont be making it easy for you 🙂

To win, you will need to identify the song!

  • Each day’s winner will become a semi finalist (5 in total)
  • During the week , each semi finalist will need to visit Magic828AM to collect their R1000 voucher and select a numbered (sealed) envelope. On this envelope they will write their name and contact details.
  • The envelope with the lot number that was auctioned for the highest prize (during Saturday’s auction) determines our winner
  • The grand winner of the further R5000 voucher voucher will be announced on Monday the 27th

Our winning finalist walks away with a further R5 000 voucher



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