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Magic Music Auction


5 Days: Monday the 4th September until Friday the 8th – 14:00 with Brian Oxley
Each day, you stand a chance to win a R1000 voucher from the  Robin Mills Salvage & Auction Centre.

At 2pm every day, a song will be “auctioned” on Brian Oxley’s show. You will need to listen clearly as key information will be revealed – but we wont be making it easy for you 🙂

To win, you will need to identify the song!

  • Each day’s winner will become a semi finalist (5 in total)
  • During the week (latest by Saturday), each semi finalist will need to visit the Robin Mills Salvage & Auction Centre (Westlake)  in person  where they will need to select a numbered (sealed) envelope with a lot number inside. On this envelope they will write their name and contact details.
  • Monday the 11th, Robin will be in studio with Brian at 2pm to open these envelopes
  • The envelope with the lot number that was auctioned for the highest prize (during Saturdays auction) determines our winner

Our winning finalist walks away with a further R5 000 voucher


Semifinalists can go to Robin Mills with their R1000 voucher as soon as they have won then write their name on the outside of one of 5 blank envelopes that will be there. They don’t all go there on the Saturday. The winner will be notified once the envelopes are opened on the Monday. So they don’t have to spend the R1000 immediately but they do have to visit to choose an envelope.

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