#MagicMinute – Friday the 28th at 08:28

. 27th October 2016


Friday the 28th at 8:28 AMis #MagicMinute and we are giving away a #MagicMysteryMoney Gift card from Makro SA to YOU if you are sharp and ON TIME.

(1) Share this post and tell your friends about it
(2) Set your alarm for a few minutes before 8:28 AM
(3) Comment and stand a chance to win Magic Mystery Money
(4) Hopefully we don’t break Facebook πŸ™‚

Be ready at exactly 8:28 AM on Friday (the 28th) and comment β€œ#Magic828AMβ€œ

Click to here to join in on the #MagicMinute Fun and stand a chance to win

As it is Magic828AM‘s birthday, we are going to allow a minute leeway each side

In other words, all comments between 08:27 and 08:29 will be entered in to the lucky draw and the winner will be announced before the end of the Breakfast Show on Facebook.

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