. 1st May 2017


I am proud of my dirty car – it shows that I am taking the water issue seriously.
I am not even using a bucket to wash my car, I am driving around proudly in my dirty car, because I am Magic.

This is my #DOTChallenge to you.

I challenge you to do the same and prove it by

  • uploading a photo of your dirty car
  • to social media and
  • include the hashtags: #NoCarWash and #DOTChallenge

What is the #DOTChallenge?
2 Capetonians, Braam Malherbe and Wayne Robertson are rowing from Cape Town to RIO promoting DOT – Do One Thing

So until the rain falls and our dams start filling up, I am driving around in a dirty car with pride.

#NoCarWash is my #DOTChallenge to #MakeItMagicToday



NB SAFETY NOTE: Do keep your windows clean. Stay safe on our roads and never impair your visibility

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