Mehboob Bawa


“My friends, my on air presenting career in radio commenced again with MAGIC 828AM. From Saturday 24th February I’ll be hosting the 12 – 4pm afternoon show every week.”

“Hope you’ll join me every Saturday. Here’s to new radio beginnings with the LOVE DOC creating MAGIC on air! Thanks for all the support in the past.”

“Looking forward to entertaining and inspiring you on this new part of our journey together!”

“Blessed and Grateful. I love you all.”



Born on the 28th March 1968, I was named Mehboob by my late paternal Grandfather. He was a big fan of the late Mehboob Khan, an award winning Indian film director. One of his films, Mother India, was the first Indian film to be nominated for the Best Foreign Film Oscar.

The filmmaker often made films showcasing the divide between the rich and the disadvantaged. So it was in our household with my Grandfather taking a great interest in social issues facing communities. My Father took over from him, often advising families around personal issues. And I suppose in a way, that’s where the Love Doctor learned to have empathy for others.

Interestingly my name means “Beloved” and I ended up earning the moniker, The Love Doctor and named after a film director I embarked on a career in the entertainment industry.

I’m an actor, Radio / TV presenter, voice artiste, writer, producer, director. I enjoy singing and used to play the congo drums in a Bollywood music band.

I started my professional career at the SABC presenting Topsport on TV.  I’ve acted in various local and international TV shows and films. I write for The Top of the Times in The Cape Times, covering the Bollywood industry as well as the Indian music scene and providing film reviews.

My wife Razia and I are producing our first feature film to be shot in 2018 and have other productions in various stages of development.

I thoroughly enjoy every aspect of my career but have a passion for the immediacy of radio.