Rooftop Birthday Bash

. 19th October 2016

CAPE TOWN, October 18, 2016–  This past Tuesday saw Magic 828 celebrate its’ first year on air with a rooftop party at their offices in Pinelands. The event was well attended and enjoyed by clients, ad agencies, investors, board members and staff, who all came by to applaud and revel the station’s incredible success.

It has been a tremendous year for the company and all those involved, having come into reality out of a long-held dream by CEO Tony Sanderson to create a commercial radio station for the people.

In his welcoming speech, Tony earnestly told the crowd: “It’s been a long journey for Magic 828. It’s been a dream for almost 20 years of mine to have a radio station that truly entertained, and didn’t give listeners what radio stations wanted to give them, but what the people wanted. And we’ve striven to do that”

The numbers seem to support that, not only has Magic striven to achieve that goal, they’re well on the way. With over 50 thousand listeners gained in only the first 12 months, Magic 828 has become the fastest growing radio station in the country, and for good reason. Motivated by their motto, “More music, less talk”, their music-driven style and playlist variety of all the best hits from the past and present, finding place in the hearts of their listener.

Magic 828 has brought about a retro revolution in radio, providing a new and groundbreaking take on radio broadcasting in South Africa.
However, the year has not been without its struggles as Board Chairman and CEO of AEEI Khalid Abdulla pointed out on the evening in his speech. “We started this process, and it’s been a tough process, with its up and downs” said Khalid. However, Khalid remained optimistic, noting that Magic 828 was still growing despite the difficulties faced by a new company. He thanked guests, staff, and investors for their support, saying “It’s only a year old, but look at what we’ve achieved”.

This gratitude and optimism was shared by Tony who boasted proudly of Magic’s diverseness, broad appeal, and future potential. “We are so grateful that we’ve crossed across all walks of life, and all colours in this year.

We are indeed a rainbow station now, and we’re very proud of it. Our staff is a rainbow staff. Our listeners are a rainbow listenership. And at the end of the rainbow is a pot of gold”.

Magic 828 is looking forward to celebrating many more magical birthdays with our friends and listeners. Indeed, Magic’s future looks golden.

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