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2 Macs and a Dram: JACK DANIELS

Win a Bottle of Gentleman Jack & a Single Barrel

Every second Saturday, the 2 Macs (Guy McDonald and Hector McBeth) get together after 18:00 on Magic Music Radio for a journey of discovery to the bottom of a glass of some of the world’s finest whiskies.

This week, our 2 Macs chat about select whiskies from JACK DANIELS.

Listen to the podcasts below for the answer to:

“What is the name of the shooter that Hector says you can make using the Jack Daniel’s Fire?”

Answer the above question correctly and stand a chance to win …

1x bottle of Gentleman Jack and 1x bottle of Single Barrel 



Part 1 – Intro

Part 2 – Old No. 7

Part 3 – Single Barrel

Part 4 – Gentleman Jack

Part 5 – Fire

Part 6 – Honey

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