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Heard on Magic Breakfast: Rob Van Vuuren

Rob Van Vuuren joined Guy McDonald on Magic Breakfast recently to chat life on lockdown and creativity, all for a laugh. Listen to the interview below now


Corne and Twakkie Presents the Style Of Love

A human emotional guide to keeping your vibe in a style of love in a world on the verge of being blown apart of frustration and kak vibes.

Corne and Twakkie are back on your interwebs after overwhelming demand following their first online show in these trying times.

This time Corne and Twakkie teach you how to breathe sunshine into your poephol and breathe the kakka poefies out of your heart and liver chakra.

An essential guide to surviving day to day in the new normal and finding hope and love in a time of pain and suffering.

For just R50 you and your whole family and dogs and even pigs can watch the Love Captain and his Seaman steer your leaky dinghy through the rough seas of uncertainty into the calm harbour of peace and tranquillity.

Book your tickets here now!

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