NewsWrap: Extreme weather conditions expected in the Western Cape and Northern Cape today till tomorrow

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Teen pregnancy traumatises young mothers psychologically – psychologist

Teen pregnancy doesn’t just come with physical trauma but psychologically the younger girls are when they fall pregnant can challenge them psychologically as they had not developed properly on a neurological level. This was revealed to us by clinical Psychologist Konrad van Staden, who said that there isn’t a hard and fast rule about this, but psychologically the brain reaches a level of maturity where the frontal lobe is developed by the age of 25. His comment comes off the back of our focus on the basic education department announcing that it wants to put proactive measures in place to curb teenage pregnancy at school, but also to prevent pregnant learners from being expelled, while at the same time providing them with pre and post natal support. Van Staden says the older youth are the better they are equipped in various lifeskills which are needed to be a mother.

Extreme weather conditions expected in the Western Cape and Northern Cape today till tomorrow

The South African Weather Service says extremely high fire danger conditions are expected over the western parts of the Northern Cape and Western Cape today. The weather service added that extremely uncomfortable and very hot conditions are expected in places over the Western Cape mainly the interior until tomorrow.

Chicken prices expected to drop

There’s some good news on the cards for chicken lovers as government had decided to lower import taxes, which will see an expected drop in the price of chicken. The government has announced a 25-percent rebate for bone-in and a 30-percent rebate for boneless chicken prices. The International Trade Administration Commission says these measures will be implemented temporarily to increase imports and assist with chicken shortages in the country.

Good summer rains will lead to food price decreases – economist believe

Economists believe that the good summer rains will lead to a decrease in food prices in South Africa. The country has received plenty of rain this summer, despite weather predictions of a dry summer due to the El Niño weather system.

The system has not yet materialised, and most parts of the country where basic food items are planted have received enough rain.

Thai man shoots gun by accident and faces jail time

A man in Thailand will have to spend some time in prison as well as pay a fine for accidentally shooting his gun from inside his car, which injured another motorist. The other driver is said to have been hit by the accidental stray bullet, which lodged through the door of his car and hit him in the right leg. According to Thai law, the man who shot the gun faces up to five years in prison for carrying a gun in public without permission, as well as another 10 years in prison for shooting in a public space and another two years in prison for physically assaulting another person. According to the law the jail sentences could be reduced if fines are paid, but in some circumstances, jail time and a fine will be needed.

Written by: Keenan Williams

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