NewsWrap: Law Enforcement arrest more than 410 suspects over the past week 

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Law Enforcement arrest more than 410 suspects over the past week 

In its clampdown of the criminal element the City of Cape Town says Law Enforcement officials arrested more than 410 suspects, with one of them being on their top 100 list of people with outstanding warrants. Law Enforcement say the public should do their part in abiding by the rules of the road as traffic officials have found a number of drivers breaking the law.
The City says that in its clamp down of reckless and bad driving, metro police have issued more than 200,000 traffic fines over the past two months.

Amid economic hardships many more South Africans turn to gambling 

As more and more South Africans feel the financial pinch, it seems like there is a rise in gambling taking place in the current economic climate. That’s according to a financial statement released by Sun International which shows an increase in 11,7percent of gamblers for the first six months of the year. This has been a boost in earnings for the group which has also seen an improvement of interim dividends from 88cents to 148 cents.

Tensions in Zulu royal household may have lead to Buthelezi’s death – Daughter 

Tensions seem to be brewing in the Zulu royal household which may have resulted in the death of Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi who died at the weekend at the age of 95. That’s according to his daughter who addressed Zulu royal family members saying that the recent developments between Buthelezi and the king also took a toll on the late leader of the IFP. Princess Phumzile also told royal family members that her father’s health was badly affected by tensions within the Zulu royal household which even prevented him from eating or sleeping.

Kim Jong Un visits Russian president Vladimir Putin 

As North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is visiting Russian President Vladimir Putin, we have a look into the mode of transport the North Korean leader used to travel to Russia. Well Kim’s bulletproof train is said to have travelled more than 1,180km’s for about 20 hours before reaching Russia. Inside the train there is a restaurant serving fine French wines and dishes such as fresh lobster. The train is said to be heavily guarded by security agents who scan routes and upcoming stations for bombs and other threats. This is Kim’s first international trim in more than four years and the first since the pandemic.

Written by: Keenan Williams

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