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Paul Steyn is #LargerThanLife

Paul lost his right leg at the age of thirteen and only at the age of sixteen did he get his first prosthetic leg.
The contrast of living on crutches compared to being mobile on a prosthetic limb was so profound for him, he has dedicated his life to raising awareness and funds to purchase prosthetics for those that can not afford them.
To do this, Paul does long distance walking (on his prosthetic) and has walked over 10 000 km in the last 4 years.
Last year, the 3rd of August – Paul left Cape Town on his most ambitious venture to date – a 7000km loop of South Africa and now 15 months later he is almost finished.
Saturday the 26th, he walks into Somerset West and his final stretch ends on the 3 December in Cape Town.
En route (the last 15 months), Paul Steyn has achieved milestones he never expected to surpass. The awareness levels for prosthetics is now larger at a national level and he has now been able to assist with the purchase of 16 prosthetic limbs. |


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