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Rudi Smit & Untimitive is #LargerThanLife

#LargerThanLife is all about celebrating great things from Cape Town.
Today we talking about a dance crew from Cape Town and how their Music Video has been viewed over a million times on social media.
Rudi Smit and his dance crew Untimitive filmed their video “Me Too” at 2 local Cape Town High Schools and has set local and international social media on fire.
All 30 dancers in Untimitive are from Cape Town and Rudi Smit has led this crew to new heights with some their dancers now performing in international films and adverts.
Rudi, 23 years old, is an inspiration to our youth showing that with PASSION and DEDICATION, you can achieve anything you want.
It did not come easy to him – he has worked hard – REALLY HARD for the last 11 years. For those doing the maths now – yep, he started choreographing at the age of twelve.
At the age of 16 they won the qualifiers to attend the Hip Hop World Dance Championship.  In 2009, 2010, 2011,2012 and 2015 they won first places in various categories, but in 2012 they came 9th place in the mega group division.
Fast forward to 2016 – Rudi Smit is hot property and dance companies around the world are contracting him. In the last 2 years, he has travelled to over 20 countries to train and choreograph dance. In this time period, he has been to Italy 12 times alone and next month flies to Russia to train dancers there.
UNTIMITIVE exploded on social media and even received a response of awe from Meghan Trainor herself  with their locally filmed ME TOO sensation which has now been viewed almost 1.5 million times on various social media platforms.
May the youth of today, stop and look not what you have achieved, but how you achieved it. It is with people like you impacting our youth that makes me sleep well at night knowing there is hope and growth in our beautiful country.



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