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Testing pain limits…?

davenicolaThe ear pull is a traditional Inuit game which tests the competitors’ ability to endure pain.

startDave Guselli and Nicola Whos-Your Duddy from the ‘Magic Drive’ decided this would be a good challenge – of course they thought this would be a good idea – here is what resulted from the ‘good idea’

Watch the video here!

Crazy things happening at Magic828AM – but the music always comes first


The ear pull is a traditional Inuit game which tests the competitors’ ability to endure pain. In the ear pull, two competitors sit facing each other, their legs straddled and interlocked. A two-foot-long loop of string, similar to a thick, waxed dental floss, is looped behind their ears, connecting right ear to right ear, or left ear to left ear. The competitors then pull upon the opposing ear using their own ear until the cord comes free or the opponent quits from the pain.

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