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VWS Trail Challenge: Nuweberg 2018

What an awesome day out at the VWS Trail Challenge 2018 – Nuweberg. Congrats to all the entrants who completed the trail run and for supporting Volunteer Wildfire Services.
It was a cold start, but ended in a hot finish, where Magic828 Music Radio had a blast from the start & finish line at the Cape Canopy Tour.
Many thanks to the men and women of VWS for the life-saving work you do out there. We’ll see you again soon for VWS Open Day 2018.

The Summer of Magic Marathons is heating up!

Introducing the inaugural leg of the VWS Trail Challenge 2018 – Nuweberg!

Cape Town is in for a sweltering Summer, and that means the threat of wildfires endangering our fauna, flora and homes is a constant reality. Luckily the Cape is protected by some amazing heroes; the men & women of the Volunteer Wildfire Services.

As some of the hardest-working volunteers across the country, the VWS trains constantly to keep in peak performance. This training allows them to tackle fires over kilometres of rough terrain, where other services cannot reach. Every year they arrange Trail Challenges to push themselves and invite the public to help raise funds to keep their NGO going.

Magic828 Music Radio is pleased to support VWS Jonkershoek for the first edition of their Nuweberg VWS Trail Challenge in Grabouw. Runners will traverse the pristine trails of the Hottentots Holland Mountains and experience first-hand the wonder of the Fynbos which sustains our mountain water catchment areas.
Challenge yourself to either of the 22km or 10km routes crossing some of the most breathtakingly beautiful vistas the Overberg region has to offer.
Tickets cost between R180 – R280, and all additional donations are welcome.

Come support and see if you can keep up with the Cape’s hardest heroes on Sunday, 11 November at Nuweberg, Grabouw.

For more details check out the VWS website:

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