Jetsetting with Janet: Tips on how to find halaal food locally and internationally

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One of the main reasons why people love to travel is to experience different places, cultures and have incredible food experiences.

However, finding halaal food for some Muslim travellers may prove difficult, especially abroad.

On Jetsetting with Janet this week, host Janet Pillai speaks to three women who have tips and advice on how to find halaal food locally and internationally.

Halaal food refers to food that’s permissible under Islamic law. Although some teachings vary, the consensus is that food and drinks must be free of pork, alcohol, harmful ingredients, or unhygienic elements. Any meat must be slaughtered in accordance with the methods prescribed under Islamic law known as Zabihah.

Human rights lawyer and director of RKP Attorneys, Rehana Khan Parker, said she used technology to help her navigate around nine cities of Japan over the course of a month.

“I cannot say that it was easy finding food to eat because it truly was not that simple. The reason being that signs and menus are all in Japanese. So unless you had a phone with a Google Translate, yes, you’ll find it extremely difficult,” she said.

“There are lots of apps that one can download for Muslim travellers to navigate your way around any city in Japan and it goes under the hashtag, #HalaalNearMe options. So there’s no excuse to say that you are not able to find a halaal restaurant, a halaal facility, or a mosque or a prayer room.”

Another guest on the show is Dilshad Parker, founder of Hungry for Halaal, which helps the halaal seeking South African market and the international market to find information and reviews about restaurants, travel services and products.

In 2018 Parker received the Western Cape Entrepreneurship Award in the tourism category.

She said the reason why the platform came about was because 10 years ago her friends enjoyed eating out but there wasn’t enough information about halaal food.

“I decided that while I’m eating out so much, I can write about it and I started blogging about the places we go and putting the information out there for other Muslim people who are looking for that information as well,” she said.

Fayrouz Holliday-October, owner of Halaal Hopper identified the scarcity of halaal catering and facilities for Muslim travellers, at the various Cape Tourist attractions.

Halaal Hopper caters to the needs of the Muslim traveller, and the opportunity to explore a truly authentic experience of Islam in the Western Cape.

Written by: Kelly-Jane Turner

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