Magic828 Music Radio is more than just talk and tunes – we’re about memories. Sharing a passion with classic adult contemporary hits to the unforgettable legends of music.




The “Larger” than life DJ began his love affair with music at an early age after discovering several of his family’s Beatles records.

He listened to 80’s Rock Radio DJs and found his calling in entertainment and radio – providing voice-overs since the 2000s.


It was clear from a very young age that Brandon would end up doing something relating to sport as a profession after having tried his hand at any sport he came across with cricket being his first love! His first foray into the sporting world started as the Manager of Injury Prevention in rugby for the Chris Burger Petro Jackson Players fund.

Graeme White

Graeme’s passion and love for radio came about as the result a long distance radio dedication on his Birthday, at the age of five.  After hearing his name and a Carpenters song booming out of the speakers at high volume, Graeme was hooked.  “It was as if  I had been struck by a musical lightning bolt. I remember the moment clearly” he says.

Seano Loots

Award-winning radio host, acclaimed MC and voice-over artist, Sean Loots aka Seano, is a whole lot of fun and always on the go!

With a background in theatre and dance, Sean took a break from coaching swimming and enrolled for voice training with Edge Studio in New York.


An experienced journalist and reporter, Keenan Williams has worked as a broadcaster at community and commercial radio stations with a national reach.

As a young reporter, Williams covered renewable energy stories but loved going into ‘combat zones’ where police were firing rubber bullets during taxi protests, the tension of various political rallies and State of the Nation Addresses, while he reported live from the scene.


Lynita has a Drama degree from the University of Pretoria and has worked extensively in radio, television and theatre for many years.

Lynita has appeared in local theatre and television productions, including Isidingo and 7de Laan.


she is now studying a degree in drama, speech and theatre arts. She creates her own work, sending out voice samples and freelancing in advertising and the training industry doing voice work. She is currently involved in a project with Blended Audio, doing dubbing on the side lines.