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The Indaba Show: Sean Cameron Michael shares memorable on-set anecdotes

todaySeptember 1, 2022 327

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The Indaba Show this week with host Steven Taylor speaks to actor Sean Cameron Michael as he shares some of his memorable and humorous on-set experiences.

Originally born in Goodwood Cape Town, Michael took an interest in acting at the age of twelve, after appearing in several stage musicals.

With over three decades of acting experience, Michael has performed in numerous international television series and feature films.

Recalling his time in the industry, Michael shares a particular anecdote while on-set of the series MacGyver.

Michael, who played Conor Brennan, one of MacGyver’s greatest enemies, said there was a particular emotional scene where he speaks to his daughter.

“When we actually shot that scene, she couldn’t be in the shot. So they basically put a tennis ball on the side of the camera as the eyeline for the daughter. When I shot that scene I was looking intensely into this tennis ball.”

“In that moment, this single tear fell down my cheek, and it was in that moment, I was like, that’s pretty cool. I’m obviously really emotionally moved by this tennis ball. I’m horrible at acting against human beings but I’m very good with tennis balls and boxes.”

Michael said after the director yelled “cut” the entire crew came up to him with hugs and tears saying how moved they were with his performance with a tennis ball.

“For me as an actor. That was like a sort of a defining moment for me, where I said, maybe I can do this acting thing.”

Michael, who also stars in a new local Netflix series named Ludik, says the series will show South Africans in a different light.

“In this show, characters do things where you go, ‘oh wow, he went there. He actually said that.’ It is rof. We say it’s maximum chaos,” he said.

Written by: Kelly-Jane Turner

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