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Finding Seano in Magic Destinations this Tourism Month

Lockdown has turned us all into a version of Lenny Kravitz as we scream “I want to get away” from our bedroom windows. Well, Sean Loots has heard you and there is no better time than Tourism Month to do so.

We know Cape Town is a tourist mecca with a myriad of sights to see and places to stay. That’s why Seano is going in search of Magic Destinations for you to enjoy.

Join Sean Loots as he hits the streets each week in September and takes you on a live tour of the luxurious bedrooms, the lavish dining rooms, the indulgent lounges, and shows off a whole lot more via the  Magic 828 Facebook Page.

Stay tuned and keep a keen lookout for where Seano could be hiding. If you find him lurking in the background and tell us where in the location he was via the Magic 828 App, you could win a breakaway for two. Be sure to start your message with the relevant keyword.

Tune in to Weekend Breakfast with Sean Loots to find out more.

Join Magic 828 as we go in search of Magic Destinations and play #FindingSeano

1. Finding Seano at Pineapple House Boutique Hotel

2. Finding Seano at SALT Boutique Guesthouse

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