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Brrrrr….. its gonna be a COLD weekend Cape Town

todayAugust 12, 2022 99

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Brrrrrr….. Cold front makes landfall!

The South African Weather service is warning that South Africans can expect cold temperatures with snow fall predicted for some parts of the Western Cape. The cold front has begun making landfall with a second cold front expected tomorrow, with temperatures forecast to drop in the Western Cape and southern parts of the Northern Cape. The Weather Service also predicts wet and windy conditions to make landfall over the next couple of days.

LEAP officers deployed to Bishop Lavis and other hotspots welcomed

Western Cape authorities have welcomed newly-recruited LEAP officers who will be deployed to Bishop Lavis and other hotspots.

The area has also been provided with a facility which will act as a base office and will operate free of power cuts, as it will be running on renewable energy.

Western Cape Premier Allen Winde says the success of this billion-rand project will be used as augments for total police control in the province.

Temporary ban on scrap copper and steel exports praised by Cosatu

Cosatu has welcomed government’s proposals to place a temporary ban on scrap copper and steel exports as a measure to curb cable theft crippling economic infrastructure. The union says it will be critical to root out the problem of cable theft which it believes is hampering revival of the economy namely at utilities like Eskom, Transnet, Metrorail and Telkom. Cosatu sayscable theft has cost the economy more than R50billion in lost infrastructure since last year alone.

In your international news….

US Police shoot and kill man trying to breach FBI building

An armed man dressed in body armour was killed after he tried to “breach” an FBI building in Ohio.

The suspect fled the scene in Cincinnati and was shot by police after an hours-long standoff in a rural area.

Law enforcement officials told US media they are examining whether the man – whom outlets named as Ricky Shiffer, – had any ties to far-right groups.

And finally….

Bear rescued after being found disoriented and intoxicated

Officials in Turkey said a young brown bear was rescued after being found disoriented and intoxicated from consuming a large amount of hallucinogenic honey. The bear was examined by veterinarians and found to be intoxicated after ingesting a large amount of honey made from the nectar of an indigenous species of rhododendron. The honey, known as “mad honey,” contains grayanotoxin, a neurotoxin that produces hallucinogenic effects when consumed by mammals. The ministry said the bear is in good health and will eventually be returned to the wild.

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Written by: Keenan Williams

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