Duncan’s “Everywhere You Go, On Any (De)slice” Brunch-Time Go To

Lockdown has brought South Africans into the kitchen to prepare meals that bring comfort and remind us of good times. And, as we come to terms with the ever-changing demands of working from home, and just one more cup of coffee, we’ve turned to food for comfort.
Enter Duncan Pollock. The man with a plan for when the munchies hit – any time of the day.

And now you can make it for your family and share the Magic, together.

• 2 x White bread loaf ends (‘cause during lockdown we need to use alles)
• 1 x Teaspoon of margarine (or butter if you’re Richard Hardiman or Guy McDonald)
• 50g of sliced or grated cheese (NOTE: don’t use Stilton, even if it’s the last cheese you have)
• 1 x Teaspoon of spring onion (or any other salad-type stuff to make it look extra Bobby Flay)
• 7 x Seedless grapes (‘cause the ones with seeds are just not as lekker)
• As many skyfies as you can cut from that last vrot tomato rolling around in the condensation of the veggie drawer at the bottom of your fridge
• Salt and pepper

Tool List:
• For Preparations
o 1 x Standard dinner plate (easier to clean than that wooden Brabantia breadboard you bought at Boardmans back in 1998)
o 1 x Serrated prep knife
o 1 x Toaster
o 1 x Re-usable NoStik® toaster sandwich bag; preferably well-used – it adds flavour (available new from Takealot and Yuppiechef) FYI: e-commerce is now 100% operational; Viva Cyril, Viva!

For Plating and serving
o 1 x ‘The in-laws are coming’ silver knife and fork (looks are everything)
o 1 x ‘The Dominee is coming’ dinner plate (to make it extra spikkerish; remember Gerhard Viviers?)
o 1 x Fabric napkin (no Carlton roll please, show some class)

• Carefully open the bag of bread, be careful not to mess too many crumbs (the birds need feeding too in these tough times)
• Place the two loaf ends crust side down on the dinner prep plate
• Lightly spread the margarine on the ‘good’ side of one of the slices of bread loaf ends, remember to smear all the way to edges to ensure maximum bite flavour consistency
• Slice the cheese thinly (approx. 2mm) and place evenly on one of the slices of bread. If you have grated your cheese, make sure to leave some space on the edges as the grated cheese tends to fall out when placing the sandwich in the toaster
• Season with salt and pepper to taste
• Place the non-cheesed loaf-end on top of the slice you have just prepared with cheese
• Gently place the sandwich into the Re-usable NoStik® toaster sandwich bag (available from Takealot and Yuppiechef #notaninfluencer #notaplug #definitelyahint) and then insert the sandwich bag into the toaster
• Depress the toaster lever and toast for approximately 60 seconds (cooking times may vary according to your toaster settings)
• Your meal is ready when the cheese starts to slowly ooze out the sides of the sandwich
• Remove the toasted sandwich from the toaster first, and then the Re-usable NoStik® toaster sandwich bag – ‘…and be careful not to burn yourself, it comes from a hot place.’ sic. my mom.
• For extra glamour, using the cleaned serrated prep knife, slice the toasted sandwich diagonally (way more Constantia than a standard Kuilsrivier ‘in the centre Mr. Venter’)
• Garnish with spring onions and plate with grapes and tomato (or anything else really); and then finally
• Do your best not to eat the entire sandwich before you finish scrolling through Netflix for something you actually want to watch

PS: Always make two; in my experience even though my wife says she’s not hungry, she wants one the moment I sit down with mine


P.P.S. When you make this recipe, remember to tag @Magic828Music and use the #MagicQuarantineCookbook on social media so we can see your pictures. Happy cooking!

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