Mandela Magic Monday: ‘Beanies for Babies’ and ‘Sandwiches for Shelter’

18 July 2022 – #MandelaDay at Magic828 is a culmination of a month long initiative which started on 16 June for youth month where listeners were invited to knit and donate beanies for babies in the Western Cape.

Magic828 Midday Show Presenter and Coordinator of the ‘Beanies for Babies’ campaign, Seano Loots, said: “Seeing all these handmade beanies is so heartwarming.  Knowing that Magic828 listeners put time and creative effort into doing something with love and care for #MandelaDay is incredibly special. And I am just thrilled that we get to spread the love and warmth this winter!”

Speaking on the partnership with the NPO Halli Trust, Samantha Peel, Magic828 Account Manager and fellow Coordinator of the ‘Beanies for Babies’ campaign said: “I loved the opportunity to connect with our listeners in our great ‘Beanies for Babies’ drive. When we did the handover for Heidi from Halli Trust, we realised how every little bit helps. Halli Trust is an amazing NPO that does so much, and we are Magic828 were so lucky to be able to collect 440 beanies for this #MandelaDay initiative.”

The Magic828 team also prepared 260 sandwiches for the Culemborg Safe Space Shelter as part of their 67 minutes For Mandela Day on 18 July 2022. Funded by the City of Cape Town, as well as non-cash donations of food, clothing and blankets from the public, the Culemborg Safe Space Shelter has assisted over 1800 people to get off the streets of Cape Town since 2018.

Left to Right: Megan Edwards, Graeme White, Frank Creese, Keenan Williams, Lynita Crofford, Tabitha Kirstein, Samantha Peel, Zulfa Davids and Nadia Harris preparing sandwiches for Culemborg Safe Space Shelter for 67 minutes for #MandelaDay 2022

Megan Edwards, Presenter on Magic828 Evening Show, who initiated the partnership said: “The Culemborg Safe Space Shelter is very close to my heart. These are Men and Women who want to contribute to society but need the tools and rehabilitation to do so. Charity should not just be a hand out, but rather should empower people to move out of their current situation and break the cycle of poverty.”

Zubair Alexander, Megan Edwards and Vernon Gordon at the Culemborg Safe Space Shelter

The shelter is currently in need of blankets and sleeping bags. Should anyone wish to donate to them, please get in touch by calling 021 023 1511. Please look out for our #BlanketDrive initiative over the next month.

Expressing his appreciation, Magic828 CEO Amit Makan, said: “We are very grateful to the Magic828 listeners; Heidi and Nicole from Halli Trust; Zubair and Vernon from the Culemborg Safe Space Shelter; Magic828 presenters and the coordinators Seano Loots, Samantha Peel and Megan Edwards and the team for their generosity and sterling efforts in driving both of these #MandelaDay initiatives. This will go a long way towards fewer empty bellies and fewer colds by keeping more heads and hearts warm this winter. Thank you!”

LISTEN: Interview with Halli Trust

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